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Q&A Interview With Tech House Producer Matheo Velez

Exploring Matheo Velez's Sonic Evolution: Insights for Emerging Producers and Sneak Peek into Upcoming Music Releases

December 19 | 2023

Millean. Walking

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Can you tell us about your journey into the world of music production, especially how you got started in 2005?

I started in music production thanks to a friend who lent me the Fl Studio CD, thinking it was a game. As I explored it, I realized I could create sounds, which amazed me as I had always wondered how electronic music was made.

Your music is often described as having a very unique and characteristic sound. How would you define your signature sound, and what elements do you believe set it apart from other producers in Medellín?

I define my sound as impactful, powerful, and full of groove.What sets it apart is my attempt to blend elements from my musical influences,incorporating Latin percussion and deep atmospheres while maintaining the strong beat of techno.

Are there specific artists or genres that continue to inspire your work today?

I’m still inspired by Chicago house, New York sounds, and artists like Derrick Carter,

Dennis Ferrer, Catz n Dogz, and Floorplan.

How do you stay creative and innovative in an industry that is constantly evolving?

Staying creative involves constant learning, exploring new sounds, and embracing

different software.

It's impressive that your music has gained worldwide acceptance and has been played by renowned artists. How do you feel about the global reception of your work?

It’s astonishing to know my music from my small studio is playing worldwide and at major festivals.This motivates me to work even harder. Witnessing people’s reactions to my tracks during performances is an indescribable feeling that deepens my love for my


Congratulations on being in the top sales of Deep House, Tech House, and Minimal genres on Beatport. What factors do you attribute to your success on digital music platforms?

Maintaining my essence from the start, I aimed for originality, creating my musical

DNA. I think this authenticity captivates those who enjoy electronic music.

Millean. Walking

How do you approach the production process to ensure your music resonates well with the audience and performs strongly in terms of sales?

There’s no formula I simply spend hours exploring sounds and rhythms in the studio.

How do you perceive the evolution of your sound and style from your early career to the present day?

Sound quality has evolved; I’ve studied new techniques and tools for years to enhance it.

Are there any particular challenges or breakthrough moments in your career that significantly contributed to your growth as a producer?

Having analog gear changed my approach, allowing me to understand sound differently and craft each sound with my hands.

What advice do you have for aspiring producers looking to establish themselves in the competitive world of electronic music?

My advice is to make music with passion, without expecting anything in return. Patience and discipline pay off; hard work will reward you sooner or later

Are there any key lessons you've learned throughout your career that you wish you had known when you were just starting?

I wish I had more information about music production at the beginning of my career when there was limited content online.

How do you balance the demands of a successful career with personal growth and well-being?

Focused on my career, I steer clear of excesses and anything detrimental to my physical and mental health.

Can you share any exciting projects or collaborations you're currently working on or planning for the future?

Working on several tracks, I’ll soon release EPs with friends Obando, Nathan Barato, and Javi Bora on significant labels.

Are there any goals or milestones you're aiming to achieve in the coming years?

I aspire to be part of legendary labels like Defected and Classic Music Company, dreaming of performing in other countries and major festivals.

Thank you for your time and sharing your experiences!

Thanks for having me!

Listen to Matheo Velez's latest release, 'Weapon'

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