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house producers

We help you save time and improve your sound.

"Why can't I find the sounds I'm looking for?"

It all began years ago in my bedroom, full of inspiration and a strong passion for electronic music. 

One big question kept popping up while producing: "Why can't I find the sounds I'm looking for?" 

Because of this daily struggle, I started to learn everything I needed in order to create what I desired and missed while producing.

We have now grown to be a fantastic team with one single mission: 

Helping any house producer by preventing them from having to deal with the difficulties I experienced producing music.

We're accomplishing this by providing high-quality and distinctive sounds, and sharing our knowledge of sound design and the entire house industry using tutorials on Instagram and Youtube.

Quality over quantity

We aim to release a large amount of house music content. We are the place to be for any house music producer, as we focus on awesome samples / presets packs.

A family

We value our customers and frequently ask for feedback so that we can apply it and create content that matches your needs.

Artist support

Our products are backed by the industry's biggest names. We're here to help the world of house production, and we'd love to have you along for the ride.

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